Decoding the Gospel of Thomas - Mathias Fritzen

Decoding the Gospel of Thomas

A contemporary guide to Jesus’ teachings

114 verses carefully unpacked to reveal what Jesus was pointing towards. If you feel called to this adventure from within your own heart, you may discover what »lies hidden behind the words« and realize your own essential self as the one unifying Truth that connects us all.

Decoding the Gospel of Thomas - Mathias Fritzen
Decoding the Gospel of Thomas - Mathias Fritzen

Applied Spirituality for Bullshit-Free Living Workbook - Mathias Fritzen

Bullshit-Free Living

Applied Spirituality Workbook

This is to the courageous ones who dare to look within. The spiritual rebels. The visionaries. Those who feel called to find the Truth about reality and themselves. Through 7 chapters and 21 practical exercises you will be pointed straight to the core of who you are.

99 Doodles for Life - Mathias Fritzen

99 Doodles for Life

Coaching Wisdom

I believe that life is essentially simple. It’s us who make it complicated. This little book dares the impossible – turning complexity back into clarity and enjoying a little along the way. 99 of my personal favorite episodes inspire you with fresh perspectives on life.

The X-Factor: The Spiritual Success Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs - Mathias Fritzen

The X-Faktor

18 voices on Spirituality in Business

What if presence, connection, and love were the hallmarks of the very best corporate leaders? What if trust, courage, and joy were cultivated throughout the workplace? What if your work was the playground for spiritual growth and personal expansion?

Square or Star - Mathias Fritzen

Square or Star?

A give-away

A little booklet that’s readable from both sides. Which page would you turn first – the one with the square or the one with the star? Whichever one you choose, it will take you to the center. The center of the booklet and maybe also to your own inner center. But see for yourself!

Practical, easy to read and life-changing – if you do your work by applying it to your daily life!