by my Clients

Jasmin Berth Portrait - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» In my first consultation with Mathias something that I held back for a long time was released and he helped me regain trust in my inner voice. He did that with a combination of immense trust and helpful exercises. During a difficult time – both personally and spiritually – he bestowed me with new insights, clarity and providence. I always enjoyed the light, amicable and super authentic coaching with you. Thank you Mathias. «

Jasmin Berth, Sociocultural Animator
Bastian Ackermann Portrait - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Even though I was a bit skeptical in the beginning I decided for having a 1:1 Coaching with Mathias. What convinced me was his integrity and authenticity. Mathias helped me to take on new perspectives and expand my consciousness. Yes, it’s worth the money. If the question comes up weather you can afford a personal coaching you should ask the counter question: Can you afford not to book that coaching? «

Bastian Ackermann, Movement Coach
Doris Jones-Dickerson Portrait - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» I had told Mathias more than I have told some of my friends or my psychotherapist. During our conversations my idea developed into a plan. My intuition is my strongest force and guidance. I will change my profession as well as my location – a path that will take time, patience, thoughts and finances. Ever since I made the decision to do it, things just fall in place for me – magically. «

Doris Jones-Dickerson, Special Education Coach
Dafni Bagkeri - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Working with Mathias has been a profound experience. He is a cultivated, insightful, connected to his higher-self coach that guides you to identify and break-through your inner blocks. His gifted spirit and generosity of his loving energy along with his holistic approach will bring you clarity to connect all the dots in your life and transform all relationships but most of all, the relationship with your self. «

Dafni Bagkeri, RFP Manager
Steven Käser - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» I see Mathias in his process, becoming ever gentler and accepting with himself and with it I see him shining those qualities back to his sourrounding and followers. My take on things is that a guide or a coach can only bring you as far in the process as he has gone the way himself. I’ve known Mathias now for more then 15 years… I’ve seen him walk quite a stretch. I value his guiding and enjoy his presence. «

Steven Käser, CEO
Emily Johnson-Haug Portrait - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» From the moment I met Mathias I felt extreme comfort and support. Mathias is incredibly inspiring, competent and caring. From our initial consultation to our sessions together, Mathias provided non-judgmental support and in no time I felt a great deal of spiritual and personal release. I would without a doubt recommend his services for anyone seeking enlightenment and support. «

Emily Johnson-Haug, Sport Administration & Technology
Nora Freisberg - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Without exaggeration I personally evaluate the weekend retreat as close to perfect. I was able to be as present as I haven’t felt in a long time and the mixed offer of meditation, body work, self-inquiry processes, group work and free time was highly inspiring and enjoyable. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that I realized things were positively changing in my life and how much I benefit from taking time for myself. «

Nora Freisberg, Student
René Rößner - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Mathias was able to help me see reality behind what my mind comes up with. Whenever something bothers me and all folks around me plus the »standard societal conditioning« just help my mind to go deeper into being angry, he was able to point me in the right direction and look internally. This helped me pulverize some major issues in no time, which could have downed me for weeks or even months. «

René Rößner, Project Engineer Export
Lucienne Koops - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Mathias is a great coach, a unique teacher and very inspiring to work with! He guided me during an intense phase in my life and did that with deep compassion and a refined intuitive sense of what is truly going on. If you feel an inner drive towards deep personal growth and are up for a good challenge, Mathias is a great guide to lead you on the path to true liberation and being at ease in all areas of your daily life. «

Luciënne Koops, Executive Coach
Stephanie Lantin - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Mathias provided me a safe place to be myself without any judgments. He guided me to reflect on things that were holding me back and he helped me to realize what was really important in my life. He also gave me the strength to deal with challenges I was facing due to a transition in my personal and private life.  I always left our calls with the motivation and support I needed to accomplish goals I set for myself at that time. «

Stephanie Lantin, Project Manager
Vera - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» The first thing that comes to my mind is, that the coaching taught me to see things from a different perspective: to accept them just as they are in the very moment or to  go ahead with courage and change them. The power to do so came through working with Mathias. I feel like he met me exactly where I am now, and I embark on an amazing and ongoing journey with one goal: myself. Thank you so much! «

Anna Lisa Schorn - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» At first I had doubts if you would butt-in with your coaching. But you don’t influence me at all. I’ve learned so much from working with you. I have to say that I feel very different – much more like myself. It is as if you handed me a sheet of paper and pens and showed me how to hold them but not what I should draw. Everyone who spends an hour with you will most likely spend many more in the future. «

Anna-Lisa Schorn, Account Director
Kerstin Thuma Portrait - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Life confronts me with situations that throw me off track at times. I can’t change the circumstances but I can change how I face them. Mathias shared wonderful tools with me that support meeting life’s challenges in a constructive and positive way. From the very beginning he told me: »Truly, you don’t need me. Everything that you need is already in you.« Within 6 months I rediscovered resources and the flow of life. «

Kerstin Thuma, Project Manager
Laura Freisberg - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Mathias and Rebecca were very accepting and humorous, and at the same time alert and critical in their remarks, giving helpful new perspectives on the questions and comments of the participants. The guided meditations and exercises have allowed me to expand my inner space and make new discoveries, or revive old truths. It was an inspiring experience exploring and connecting with myself again. «

Laura Freisberg, Theatre Pedagogue