Mathias Fritzen

Spiritual Teaching + Coaching

I’m a coach, a creative and sometimes a troublemaker. I’m an advocate for Bullshit-Free Living. I feel drawn to understanding complexities and love transforming them to clarity. Ever since I first watched Star Trek, I wanted to find the truth »out there«. I didn’t realize then that the truth was actually inside.

When I’m drawn to a topic, I become completely obsessed with it. The toughest, and also most rewarding, paradox I’ve ever encountered is spiritual awakening. My specialty is cutting through the bullshit and dig up the root of the problem. I’m all in for truth. Everything else is history.


Other facts about me

  I’ve had a number of awakening experiences in this life. Some terrifying and indescribably beautiful, others unlike anything »I« have ever encountered. There is oneness and space here.

  I’m an ICF accredited Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, TRuST-Headcoach and whatnot. Fancy titles for some simple yet effective tools.

  For more than 20 years I trained martial arts (especially Kung-Fu) trying hard to empty my mind and be formless, shapeless, like water – as Bruce Lee puts it.

  During my time at university I played Poker for a living. This taught me extensively about myself and about the human psyche under stress.

  For my diploma project I became obsessed with the topic of super accelerated technological evolution. I created an app that maps the potential unfolding singularity over the next 200 years.

  I’m grateful to have been part of the pioneering efforts of Parkour in Germany and co-founding the ParkourONE association. Yes, that’s the sport where people sometimes jump from rooftop to rooftop.

  I tried to live a »normal« life but it didn’t work so well. I’ve had romances with origami, mosh pits, mantras, winning design-awards, kiteboarding and Spanish tapas.

  I still have blind spots, shadows and ego. People close to me graciously point them out on occasion. Thank you!

Coaching credentials