Coaching User Manual


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Coaching User Manual

Spiritual Teaching and Coaching

Structure, clarity, direction, self-love, energy, passion, empowerment and transformation – Coaching can open many doors. However, the work we do together is an inner process that cannot be described. It needs to become your direct experience. 

I’m a coach, a creative and sometimes a troublemaker. I’m an advocate for Bullshit-Free Living. I feel drawn to understanding complexities and love transforming them to clarity.

Coaching User Manual

Coaching User Manual - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Full Potential

Raising consciousness for as many people in the most impactful way possible is my paramount focus. Turning within is the only way out. My clients are the living proof of the immense value of this process. I am grateful to do what I love, with the people I love.

Usually people reach out to me because they call bullshit on the tiny box they find themselves stuck in. They are ready to shift gears. I coach them in overcoming problems and manifesting dreams. To me, these are one and the same.

My focus is to support you in unleashing your full potential in order for you to be exactly who you want to be.

Coaching User Manual

Coaching User Manual - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Bespoke Coaching

I created a practical system for Bullshit-free living that has sprung out of my own experiences and as a merger of eastern wisdom and western science. It supports digging out and releasing the root-causes of suffering to pave the way towards freedom.

I’ve been trained in/working with/experiencing Self-Inquiry – Mooji, Core Energy Coaching – iPEC, Energy Leadership – iPEC, The Work – Byron Katie, Rinzai-Zen – Benediktushof, Integral-Theory – Ken Wilber, Inner Engineering – Sadhguru, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Family Constellation Work and other approaches.

I don’t, however, follow any system in particular. In truth, they are all crutches. My coaching is bespoke and designed around you. Sometimes people ask: How many clients do you have? The answer is simple: One. The one I’m with.

Coaching User Manual

Coaching User Manual - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Direct Experience

My clients don’t settle for minor improvements. They are willing to get uncomfortable and take self-responsibility in order to break free from the old limitations and thrive. There’s more to life and they know it.

My clients come from a wide variety of different cultural, social and religious backgrounds. Yet, the coaching process has nothing to do with any of these. It is about direct experience beyond mere belief.

My clients know that it is their perspective that shapes their thoughts, emotions and actions. I support them in exploring alternatives, releasing what they’re not in order to become fully who they authentically are.

I offer free initial consultations both in person and via video-call. This session provides foundational information, answers any open questions about the process and allows us to check the chemistry between us. Some clients already report profound shifts coming from the first consultation.