Our work together has the power to take you from chaos to clarity, separation to connection, blockage to flow, surviving to thriving, vision to reality and straight into living your full potential. Who do you choose to be and what would you like to create?

Seven Sine Wave

Working Together

My clients are open to exploring fresh perspectives. They are committed to taking self-responsibility and they are ready for direct experience. Beyond age and gender; roles and titles; religion and culture; history and personality my clients are human beings – the backbone of tomorrow’s conscious society.

I’ve been trained in/working with Energy Leadership Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Self-Inquiry, The Work, Integral-Theory, Shaolin Kung Fu, Le Parkour, Intuitive Archery, Rinzai-Zen, Inner Engineering, Mindfulness Training, Family Constellation Work, Positive Intelligence, Compassionate Inquiry and other approaches. I don’t, however, follow any system in particular. My coaching is bespoke and designed around you.

We will move in the direction of your choice at the pace of your choice. Your willingness to endure the uncomfortable in order to get comfortable makes the difference. Your desire for change is the fuel. You are the method.

Starter Package

6 Sessions

Tackle a specific challenge or work towards a specific goal in your life. 2 months commitment.

  • 6x 60 Minutes of Coaching
  • 2 Months Pharos App
  • Individualized Exercises
  • WhatsApp Support
1.925 CHF offline (1.800 CHF online)

Next Level Package

12 Sessions

Deep dive into inner and outer transformation on all layers. 4 months commitment.

  • 12x 60 Minutes of Coaching
  • 4 Months Pharos App
  • Individualized Exercises
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Workbook
3.630 CHF offline (3.400 CHF online)

Premium Package

18 Sessions

Fully integrated transformation of your self-perception, relationships & work-life. 6 months commitment.

  • 18x 60 Minutes of Coaching
  • 6 Months Pharos App
  • Individualized Exercises
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Workbook & 99 Doodles
  • ELI Assessment & Debrief
  • Bodywork (off-site)
5.665 CHF offline (5.200 CHF online)

We unconsciously or consciously shape our lifes by WHAT we are doing, HOW we do it, WHY we do it and WHO we are being. We can trace back our external actions to our habits, motivation and values… straight to the core of our identity. Coaching helps unraveling our status quo and enables us to recreate ourselves the way we choose to be. We keep expanding – just like the universe – and coaching is an excellent navigation system.

Create the best version of yourself

Focus Areas - Personal Development - Mathias Fritzen

Transform your idea into a business

Focus Areas - Creative Entrepreneurship - Mathias Fritzen

Experience who you really are

Focus Areas - Spiritual Processes - Mathias Fritzen

Get yourself and your life organized

Focus Areas - Self-Management - Mathias Fritzen

Some of my clients ask themselves:

The same thing happens to me over and over again. How can I break the cycle? How can I reconnect with my intuition and experience flow in life? I have everything I ever wanted and I’m still unhappy. Why is that? Why do I constantly care for others while ignoring my own needs? Why am I procrastinating what I would actually love to do? I have so many ideas. What should I focus on? Do I want this job for the rest of my life? I ticked all the boxes. Now… is there more? How to find balance and inner peace? Who am I really? Who do I want to be?


Are you ready for Change?