Our deepest understanding of who we are – our core identity – is what shapes our reality and determines the course of our lives. The way I see it, we are invaluable nodes in a superconnected network.

Who do you choose to be and what would you like to create?

Our work together has the power to take you from chaos to clarity, separation to connection, blockage to flow, surviving to thriving, vision to reality. Living up to your potential is what I call Conscious Integrated Leadership.

These core aspects support you in the process:

Coaching Aspect Icons - Fresh Perspectives - Mathias Fritzen

Fresh Perspectives

The key to create change is to do things differently, think differently and ultimately look at life from a different perspective.

Coaching Aspect Icons - Self-Responsibility - Mathias Fritzen


»It’s all in your hands.« Is that good news or bad news? It’s your choice! Taking full self-responsibility is the end of victimhood.

Coaching Aspect Icons - Direct Experience - Mathias Fritzen

Direct Experience

This is not theory. This is practice. Everything flows from head to heart to hand – directly applicable in your everyday-life.

How I work

I’ve been trained in/working with Energy Leadership Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Self-Inquiry, The Work, Integral-Theory, Shaolin Kung Fu, Le Parkour, Intuitive Archery, Rinzai-Zen, Inner Engineering, Mindfulness, Family Constellation Work and other approaches.

I don’t, however, follow any system in particular. My coaching is bespoke and designed around you. Your willingness to endure the uncomfortable in order to get comfortable makes the difference. Your desire for change is the fuel. You are the method.

One client invited me to coach him on his sailboat. Another came to float down the river together. With some I practice Intuitive Archery. With others I dive into meditation. My clients all share a deep appreciation for a safe and inspiring space to sit down and figure things out – in person in Basel or online via video-call.