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Ready to shift gears

Life can be tough. Feeling stressed out, anxious, lonely, low on energy, confused, stuck and not seeing a way out sucks big time. Usually people reach out to me because they call bullshit on all of that and are ready to shift gears. I coach people in overcoming problems and manifesting dreams. To me, both is one and the same.


Raising consciousness

Raising consciousness for as many people in the most impactful way possible is paramount to me. My clients (I call them Pioneers) are the living proof of the immense value of this process. I do what I love, with the people I love.



My clients don’t settle for minor improvements. They are willing to get uncomfortable in order to break free from suffering and thrive. There’s more to life and they know it. Coaching takes them from good to great.


Unseen perspectives

Our perspective is what shapes our thoughts, emotions and actions. I support my clients in exploring alternatives, getting rid of what they’re not and being more of who they are.


Unleashing potential

Quantum physics discovered that we consist to 99,9% of nothingness… pure potential. This is the »Spirit« in Spirituality. Most of us are focused solely on the 0,1% physical matter and have no idea of our essence. Our goal is the tapping into and unleashing your full potential in order to be anyone and have anything.

Bespoke programs

I’ve worked a lot with Self-Inquiry, Core Energy Coaching, the Work, Zen Meditation as well as Integral-Theory. I don’t, however, follow any system in particular. My Coaching Programs are bespoke and designed around you. Sometimes people ask: How many clients do I have? The answer is simple: One. The one I’m with.


Transformational toolkit

I created a toolkit called »Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living« out of my own experiences and as a merger of eastern wisdom and western science. It supports digging out and releasing the root-causes of suffering.


Direct experience

My clients have all kinds of Religious backgrounds. Yet, Applied Spirituality has nothing to do with Religion. It is about your direct experience beyond belief. My coaching is not for the faint of heart. My job is to serve, not to please.


You’re in the driver seat

In the coaching process my clients are in the driver seat. To stay on the surface is optimizing. Diving deeper is liberating. Going all the way may be enlightening. It’s up to you.


Free initial 1:1 consultations

I offer free initial 1:1 consultations to provide you with more information, check the chemistry, answer your questions and explore deeper. The session can take up to 2 hours and already involves real coaching right on the spot. Some clients report that the first consultation already shifts things in profound ways.

Organizational matters


If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist. If you need therapy, get a good psychologist. If you want to be in a space that will allow you to see clearly and be clear, work with me. I coach in both English + German language. We talk in person or remotely via phone. Usually the sessions take 60 minutes. If we find closure after 45 minutes we won’t waste your time chitchatting. If you’re in the middle of an important process past the hour I surely won’t cut you off. You get the idea.

Experience has shown that a 3 months period provides a solid foundation for sustainable transformation. If an urgent question comes up in between sessions you have the option to contact me via E-Mail or WhatsApp. I answer within 24h, usually faster. All my clients get a copy of the the Applied Spirituality Workbook. 7 chapters, 21 practical exercises on 180 illustrated pages – shipped to you as we start working together.

Before your first coaching session you have the option to take the ELI Assessment. It’s a so called attitudinal assessment that provides insights on your current energetic state and stress reaction. We’ll use the debrief as a starting ground. For your last session you have the option to take the ELI Assessment again to measure the change and compare the two snapshots. Free initial 1:1 consultations are usually available on short notice.

Applied Spirituality Workbook Cover - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Core Principles from the Workbook

Applied Spirituality principles - Essentials - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Learn about the structure of the Identified Mind and the Essential Self and what Self-Realization is all about.

Applied Spirituality principles - Direct Experience - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Moving with your own flow through reconnecting to your inner compass. Self-responsibility as the starting ground.

Applied Spirituality principles - Radical Honesty - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Radical Honesty

Facing and expressing your own truth and living without masks and roles through ditching stressful false identities.

Applied Spirituality principles - Communication - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Becoming gentle in self-talk and sharing from your center through releasing judgments on yourself and others.

Applied Spirituality principles - Monkey Mind - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Taking the observer-seat and shifting from tunnel-vision to bird’s eye view through disentangling from your monkey-mind.

Applied Spirituality principles - Mirroring - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Outplaying your Identified Mind and becoming who you really are through tracing back and exposing your mirrors.

Applied Spirituality principles - Be here now - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Be Here Now

Cutting out distractions and breaking the cycle of your mind wandering off through being fully involved with what is.

Applied Spirituality principles - Head to Heart - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Heat to Heart

Falling in love with the mystery of life and radiating compassion and love through radical acceptance and surrender.

Applied Spirituality principles - Toolbox - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


A set of useful bits and pieces to support you resolve blockages, make decisions, get directions and create new perspectives.