I support you with solving problems and reaching goals in both business and private life. Together we turn obstacles into opportunities; we melt the glass ceiling and we break through inner and outer walls to reach your next level. Who do you choose to be and what would you like to create?

Seven Sine Wave

Working together

Our deepest understanding of who we are is what shapes our reality and determines the course of our lives. We can think of our identity as the box that we’re living in. As much as it enables us to do certain things, it also limits us.


Our work together is about moving houses: from a small box into a bigger one; into a different one; or out of the box altogether. It’s up to you. We will move in the direction of your choice at the pace of your choice. Your desire for change is the fuel. You are the method.

Free Consultation

I offer free initial consultations. This first session provides you with all the information you need about working with me as your coach. Together we find out if we’re a good fit and how I can support you best on your journey.

Through the button below you can access my calendar and schedule your free initial consultation easily.

Small Package

6 Sessions

The small package is designed for focussed work that does not span accross multiple areas of your life. Tackle one specific challenge or work towards one specific goal over the course of 2 months.

  • 6 hour-long Coaching Sessions
  • Premium access to Pharos
  • 2 months commitment
1.750 CHF

Next Level Package

12 Sessions

Fully integrated upgrade of your operating system. The Next Level Package creates space for the transformation of deep-rooted behavioral patterns, conditioning and limiting beliefs in order to take you back into the very core of who you are being.

  • 12 hour-long Coaching Sessions
  • Applied Spirituality Workbook
  • Premium access to Pharos
  • 4 months commitment
3.000 CHF

We unconsciously or consciously shape our lifes by WHAT we are doing, HOW we do it, WHY we do it and WHO we are being. We can trace back our external actions to our habits, motivation and values… straight to the core of our identity. Coaching helps to unravel our status quo and enables us to recreate ourselves the way we choose to be. We keep expanding – just like the universe – and coaching is an excellent navigation system.

Create the best version of yourself

Focus Areas - Personal Development - Mathias Fritzen

Transform your idea into a business

Focus Areas - Creative Entrepreneurship - Mathias Fritzen

Experience who you really are

Focus Areas - Spiritual Processes - Mathias Fritzen

Get yourself and your life organized

Focus Areas - Self-Management - Mathias Fritzen

Some of my clients ask themselves:

The same thing happens to me over and over again. How can I break the cycle? How can I reconnect with my intuition and experience flow in life? I have everything I ever wanted and I’m still unhappy. Why is that? Why do I constantly care for others while ignoring my own needs? Why am I procrastinating what I would actually love to do? I have so many ideas. What should I focus on? Do I want this job for the rest of my life? I ticked all the boxes. Now… is there more? How to find balance and inner peace? Who am I really? Who do I want to be?


Are you ready for Change?