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Applied Spirituality speaks a language that anyone can understand, directly apply and experience the impact in everyday life. Believing is one thing, but actually discovering your own truth right where you are is what separates those who want from those who have!

This is my invitation for you: Break out of your mental prisons and transform your life into one free from self-sabotaging. Below are the fundamental principles to understand, feel and embody in order to return to your natural freedom and lasting happiness.

Questioner: »Is the study of science, psychology, physiology, philosophy etc. helpful?« Sri Ramana Maharshi: »Very little. Some knowledge is needed for yoga and it may be found in books. But practical application is the thing needed.«

Core principles of Applied Spirituality

Applied Spirituality principles - Radical honesty - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Radical Honesty

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Being radically honest with yourself is the cure for self-sabotaging, buying into »should-dos« and any made-up self-image that separates you from reality. Radical Honesty is the down and dirty system clean-up that leaves you with: you.

Applied Spirituality principles - Look in the mirror - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


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Look into your mirror and discover that, whenever you judge someone or something, it is a direct reflection back to yourself. This admission and exploration is your master-key to systematically dissolving your personal blocks one at a time.

Applied Spirituality principles - Communication - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


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Communication is key in any relationship, which leads to growth and development. From self-talk and sharing with your partner to team meetings at work, learning core communication-skills helps you to be seen and understood.

Applied Spirituality principles - Your monkey mind - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


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This is all about taking the observer-seat. Learn to create space to watch your thoughts and emotions. Re-establish yourself as the CEO of your life and your Monkey-Mind as your employee. This allows you to take back control over your actions and reactions.

Applied Spirituality principles - Be here now - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Be Here Now

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Take a break from reminiscing about the past and imagining salvation in the future. Cultivate conscious presence instead. Like waking up from sleep you’ll discover that this is where your life happens: In this very moment. Here. Now.

Applied Spirituality principles - Direct experience - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Direct Experience

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There is no need for more reading, studying or arduous journeys. Drop every concept and reconnect with your own inner compass – your intuition. Your own experience is the only proof you’ll need. Practice following your intuition and inner-truth.

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