Pharos Coaching App - Mathias Fritzen
Pharos Coaching App - Mathias Fritzen

Coaching To Go

The Pharos Coaching App is a companion supporting my 1:1 coaching clients in their coaching process. It can also be used for self-study by anyone eager to discover more about themselves and tap into their full potential.

Bringing this app to life was only possible due to the professional help of my friends Jan and Thomas (Firma 12). Thank you both, you’re genuius!

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What you get

Within the app you find 3 focus areas:

1. Lighthouse: Inspiration, quotes and coaching tools easily explained.

2. Gym: Practical exercises ready to be integrated in your everyday-life.

3. Temple: Guided meditations to support greater self-awareness.

The app includes but is not limited to content from my books 99 Doodles for Life and Applied Spirituality; content from my Clarity Clips series and content that has been created on request by my clients over thousands of 1:1 coaching-hours.

For Free or Full Access

The basic Pharos Coaching App is free. For 9,99/month you get full access to all articles, exercises and meditations. New content is added consistently. No ads. No cookies. No strings attached. Cancel and renew any time. Easy.

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