Applied Spirituality for Bullshit-Free Living Workbook - Mathias Fritzen

Applied Spirituality Workbook

This is to the courageous ones who dare to look within. The spiritual rebels. The visionaries. Those who feel called to find the Truth about reality and themselves. Through 7 chapters, 21 practical exercises and an extensive toolbox you will be pointed straight to the core of who you are beyond your Identified Mind.

Realize your natural freedom and innermost happiness. Discover your Essential Self. The only thing that’s needed is your intuition and direct experience. Applied Spirituality is straightforward and without detours – immediately applicable into your everyday-life. Here and Now.

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21 x 15,3
Oct 2018
This book didn’t solve all the problems of my life. It DID simply and profoundly help open my eyes to how much power I have in my own life, and to see the most obvious issues that I’m responsible for and capable of addressing and correcting. It’s good for those who are tired of playing around with the idea of change and want to actually step into the driver seat of their own life.
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