Applied Spirituality Workbook

The Workbook

on Bullshit-Free Living

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Applied Spirituality Workbook

Wake up!

This is to the courageous ones who dare to look within. The spiritual rebels. The visionaries. Those who feel called to find the Truth about reality and themselves. Through 7 chapters, 21 practical exercises and an extensive toolbox you will be pointed straight to the core of who you are beyond your Identified Mind.

Realize your natural freedom and innermost happiness. Discover your Essential Self. The only thing that’s needed is your intuition and direct experience. Applied Spirituality is straightforward and without detours – immediately applicable into your everyday-life. Here and Now.


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Core Principles

Applied Spirituality principles - Essentials - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Learn about the structure of the Identified Mind and the Essential Self and what Self-Realization is all about.

Applied Spirituality principles - Direct Experience - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Moving with your own flow through reconnecting to your inner compass. Self-responsibility as the starting ground.

Applied Spirituality principles - Radical Honesty - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Radical Honesty

Facing and expressing your own truth and living without masks and roles through ditching stressful false identities.

Applied Spirituality principles - Communication - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Becoming gentle in self-talk and sharing from your center through releasing judgments on yourself and others.

Applied Spirituality principles - Monkey Mind - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Taking the observer-seat and shifting from tunnel-vision to bird’s eye view through disentangling from your monkey-mind.

Applied Spirituality principles - Mirroring - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Outplaying your Identified Mind and becoming who you really are through tracing back and exposing your mirrors.

Applied Spirituality principles - Be here now - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Be Here Now

Cutting out distractions and breaking the cycle of your mind wandering off through being fully involved with what is.

Applied Spirituality principles - Head to Heart - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Heat to Heart

Falling in love with the mystery of life and radiating compassion and love through radical acceptance and surrender.

Applied Spirituality principles - Toolbox - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


A set of useful bits and pieces to support you resolve blockages, make decisions, get directions and create new perspectives.