Core Principles + Practices

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Wake up!

This is to the courageous ones who dare to look within. The spiritual rebels. The visionaries. Those who feel called to find the Truth about reality and themselves. Through 7 chapters, 21 practical exercises and an extensive toolbox you will be pointed straight to the core of who you are beyond your Identified Mind.

Realize your natural freedom and innermost happiness. Discover your Essential Self. The only thing that’s needed is your intuition and direct experience. Applied Spirituality is straightforward and without detours – immediately applicable into your everyday-life. Here and Now.




Why this book?

» Dare to look within «

Here’s why I wrote the Applied Spirituality Workbook and what’s in it for you. From the Identified Mind back to Essential Self.


How to ride a bike

» On Self-Responsibility «

Reconnect to your Intuition. Take Self-Responsibility. Fully express from your core. Applied Spirituality Workbook.


Radical Honesty

» Co-creating authenticity «

Expressing your own truth and living without masks and roles through ditching stressful false identities. What a relief!




Applied Spirituality Workbook Excerpt - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Practical exercises

» Guided city tour «

Take an afternoon off and head out to the city center. A bigger city works best. Now that you’re here, start moving. No phones or maps allowed. Don’t look at roadsigns. Just move intuitively, guided by your inner compass. Take turns, go slow or fast, sit down, talk to someone… everything is allowed that feels intuitively right for you. Discover the city like a child.

Applied Spirituality Workbook Excerpt - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Questions and answers

» on Communication «

Q: Somehow I’m constantly trying to mind-read others to find out what they want from me. Anticipation is how I try to avoid hurting someone.

A: You’re altering your Communication based on assumptions. The truth is, you can’t mindread. You’re just moving the conversation to an abstract level instead of a natural one. Self-responsibility comes first. What do you think and feel? Communicate that unfiltered. In doing so you give space for others to do the same.

Applied Spirituality Workbook Excerpt - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM



» on the Journey «

One way of visualizing the Journey is the peeling back of the onion layers. Each layer represents a certain aspect of identification that veils who you are at your core. Letting go of the outer layers and closing in to the core, the shape of who you really are begins to shine through. Vaguely still, but it’s obvious for everyone else (and yourself) now that you are becoming more YOU.

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