Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen


…you’re standing on a hill in Tuscany. The fields are touched by golden sunlight. There’s spaciousness in all directions. Imagine taking your time to slowly wake up with Yoga under the olive trees and brunch by the pool with a group of great people. Imagine having a full week of time for yourself in an environment that supports transformation on all levels – body, mind and spirit. How will you make use of this?

What will you unlock?

Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen

Serenity and Transformation

The land, the venue, the food, the people, the daily practice, the activities – it is our goal to create an atmosphere of serenity all around you. This is the fertile ground needed for transformation. Whatever it is that you would like to unlock – this is the space to make it happen.

Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen


This is an intimate family-style retreat limited to 12 participants only. We are looking for dedicated people who are all-in for co-creating an unforgettable week.

  • Arrival & Departure Day: Saturday
  • Retreat Duration: 6 Days
  • Berignone Nature Reserve
  • Luxurious Villa with Tuscany Flair
  • All Activities included
  • Accommodation included
  • Local vegetarian Food included
  • Beverages included


We are looking forward to creating a tailor-made experience for you and the group. The program might include but won’t be limited to the following activities.

  • Morning Meditation
  • Yoga Practice
  • Coaching Work
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Fire & Music
  • Walks in Nature
  • Arts Exploration
  • Intuitive Archery
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
It’s difficult to find the right words to describe the impact of the Unlock Myself Retreat – an experience that helped me acknowledging how powerful and capable I am to achieve anything I want in my life. It was the start of an inner journey that has helped me realizing that I’m my own miracle! Amazing week, best company, delicious food. This was, for me, a rebirth-experience. Thank you Mathias!
Juanita Rueda Escobar
Wow! I knew it would have some effect, but I never thought it would be emotional dynamite exploding everything that’s not you. The way this week made me feel is the way that I would love to be with my family and friends. For everyone who feels that there’s more inside to unlock… such a week is the perfect thing!
Raphael Kümmerle
I had no idea how ›this trip‹ would be. But it’s even more beautiful being here than I expected. I got more in contact with myself and what I really like to do in the moment without any pressure from the outside. It felt like being a child again – there was so much surprise, excitement and joy! But also a deep calm and love for the moment and everything around me! I won’t forget this week and keep the people in my heart.
Stefanie Jakob

Unlock Myself Retreat - Tanja - Mathias Fritzen


Mathias about Tanja

Many secretly admire the transformation of their favorite superhero on screen. Only very few dare to walk this path themselves. Tanja is one of them. She reinvented herself over and over again during her travels within and without. She sold everything to live in a van, with her partner and baby. Following her heart she goes against the stream if she is called to. With her deep connection to spirit she has tremendous abilities as a guide to unlock yourself.

Unlock Myself Retreat - Mathias - Mathias Fritzen


Tanja about Mathias

In many ways Mathias is one of my favorite human beings. His old soul, childlike spirit, giant heart and complex mind gives the space to be fully authentic and wanting to grow alongside. His coaching art goes beyond sitting on a fancy couch and talking about your problems or dreams. He has this gift of proposing exactly what you need in creative and fun ways that make the work feel light yet super profound. Not only did he support my own unlocking process few years ago, but I have seen many other beautiful beings flourish thanks to his work.

Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
And then I decided: No, I don’t want that anymore! I don’t want to keep looking back. It’s about living here and now and looking ahead! That’s when I felt a power within me and thought: Yes! This lightness, aliveness and depth at the same time – I’ve never experienced it like that. There are no rules but one: Be yourself!
Charleen Schützendübel
Every Circle or Workshop was a discovery for me. I went into this mode that I could not manage before. I had great help from everyone to overcome it and it was working! I trust all of you guys, so this was a perfect setup. I also discovered something unexpected: my creativity with music and painting. So unlocking is definitely happening! I will not ask for a refund. 😉
Benoît Potty
You guys come with a lot of knowledge. Especially the coaching conversations have helped me a lot. But also the constellation of the participants. Everyone brings their own skills – I just had a Kinesiology-Session with Michi for example. Everyone is devoting themselves to the others. Wonderful!
Janna Petersen

Reserve your spot

Spots are limited. We kindly ask for a deposit of 500 CHF. Click register to reserve your spot. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m always so amazed how »strangers« can deeply touch something in someone else that changes the whole perspective. Just a different way to see things or to express something and a door is opening magically. Before the gathering I was very nervous to meet so many new people. I had to really get out of my box! Turns out it was very easy to feel comfortable. Everything felt so natural. Everybody felt familiar and naturally connected to one another. The space, the garden, the food, the activities, the people – everything worked perfectly together. I felt confident and that allowed me to show up in my entirety and in my truth, with myself and others! What a wonderful magical experience to share with people from so many different environments! Looking back I remember my intention at that time. It was to gently prepare myself for the winter season. To prepare myself to dive inside and do the introspection that is so precious at winter time. I can tell you now that it gave me several topics to focus on and the courage to face it! I feel very grateful! Thanks a lot for what you all are sharing with us! It is very precious.
Maude Lemoine
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen
Unlock Myself Retreat - Courses - Mathias Fritzen