ELI Assessment

Measure and transform your attitude


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment ™ (ELI) provides a snapshot of your current perception and attitude towards life as well as your behavioral patterns and belief-system. It has been tested and approved by thousands of individuals as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies. I offer the ELI optionally in the beginning of your coaching journey and at the end. Comparing the two results makes your progress visible.

Measurable results


The graphic above shows the average ELI score for all of my clients combined both before and after the coaching process. Unlike personality assessments such as Myers-Briggs or D.I.S.C., the ELI doesn’t attach you to a personality type or archetype. If you take the assessment for a second time just three months later the results can look quite different.

How it works

The ELI Assessment is an online questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes for you to fill in. The system measures and categorizes your attitude in 7 distinct levels. This is followed by a 90-minute expert debrief that offers deep insights for self-reflection and defining next steps.

OK, but why is my level of attitude so important? One day you get up on the wrong side of the bed and nothing seems to work. Another day everything you touch turns to gold. I’m sure you’ve experienced both of these scenarios before! The mechanics behind it is easy: Your attitude towards life shapes your reality. Take a deeper look:

1 – Victimhood

It feels like life happens to you and you constantly lose. You feel heavy and uninspired, unable to move or create anything.

2 – Conflict

You’ve had enough of the victim-state. You stop worrying and express your emotions. Now it’s your turn and you fight your way out.

3 – Rationality

You know that neither victimhood nor conflict is a long-term solution. You rationalize your emotions and take reasonable steps.

4 – Caring

The egocentric perspective of level 3 turns around 180°. Now you’re only there for others. You thrive when you can help.

5 – Teamplay

This is where level 3 and 4 come together. You’re ready to combine your abilities with others to create true win-wins.

6 – Flowstate

When challenge and ability meet, you enter a state of flow. Time dilates and you’re fully absorbed and involved in what you do.

7 – Presence

You see through the illusions of all the other levels and relax fully into a state of deep inner peace and contentment.

Getting started

You can book the ELI Assessment optional to my coaching packages or as a separate 2 hour Session for 500 CHF: