Intuitive Archery is so simple that you are able to hit the target within 30 minutes; yet it is so complex that an entire lifetime is not enough to master the art. For about 48.000 years the discipline of archery is teaching us about inner and outer balance.

Contraction and relaxation, breathing and focus, body and mind – our entire system is synchronizing in the practice. Only when a subtle balance is reached are we able to hit our target effortlessly. The Intuitive Archery workshop opens the door to extending the experience of effortlessness into all areas of life.




» There is only one arrow. You have to forget about the last one. The next one is of no interest either. Only one arrow counts – the one that is nocked on right now. « — Herbert Hebbi Sinz (80, 4 times German National Champion)

Intuitive Archery -


Innner work

• Zen Meditation
• Visualizing
• Inner posture
• Self-confidence
• Mental strength
• Breathing

Intuitive Archery -


Outer work

• Bow science
• Safe stance
• Outer posture
• Shooting technique
• Aiming intuitively
• Video analysis

Aileen -

» When I first heard about the workshop I was indecisive. Bow & arrow were dangerous items for me – and this should improve my inner peace? Now I’m super happy about this experience! Weather, community, combination of theory & practice, atmosphere… everything was perfect! One advice was particularly impactful to me: ›At some point you have to make a decision and let things take their course. You have to let go.‹ «

Aileen Pfefferle, Marketing Manager
Testimonial -

» Watching everybody be so open and playful was really beautiful to see. […] Key for me: There wasn’t too much food for the mind but more focus on experiencing. […] It’s nice to watch everybody practicing and connecting with each other. […] It helped me a lot that we were all shooting on one target and I couldn’t tell which arrows were mine. […] Perfect balance between intuitive experience and practical instructions. «

Voices from the feedback-circle
Jan -

» In Mathias’ Intuitive Archery Workshop I learned how to achieve goals without the desperation to achieve them; why a little arrogance can play an important role in this endeavour, and that somehow together as a team you’ll always hit the target. On a random side note: I also learned how to handle bow and arrow. Thank you for that! (Editor’s note: Jan also programmed this wonderful website! More on

Jan Kopietz, Screendesigner




The 4 hour workshop is limited to 11 participants. Drinks, snacks and equipment are provided. To participate and reserve your spot please transfer the fee of 100 CHF using the form below. We will contact you via email with further information. Our upcoming public Workshops are:


• Sunday, 28th of March 2021, 2-6pm, Rheinfelden
• Sunday, 25th of April 2021, 2-6pm, Rheinfelden



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