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Applied Spirituality - Individual - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Individual Sessions


I support you to return to your natural freedom and lasting happiness. This transformational process is about raising consciousness through the power of your direct experience. It is about unlearning the conditioned personal identities and relaxing back into the very core of who you are.

This is what I call Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living – building the bridge between the tangible and subtle, between your outer and inner world.

I offer free complimentary sessions. We work together in monthly packages. We talk in person or remotely via phone. I work with clients who are open-minded and driven by an inner calling. If that’s you, let’s talk!



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Aware Leadership


Together with Luciënne Koops (NL), Rebecca Roberts (CH) and Carolien Jongbloed (BE) we guide leaders in raising their consciousness to be ready for the new organizational paradigm.

At SHARE360 we work with visionary leaders who are ready to step into their full potential and serve the deeper purpose of their organization. As the world is rapidly and constantly changing, it is time to provide clear guidance from a place of true alignment.

What we offer is completely different from any leadership program. We take you on a journey within. A journey to discover your unique inner power as a leader. Awareness is what we know to be the very source of creating sustainable value for your organization.



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Workshops & Retreats


My work is all about your immediate first-hand examination and experience of reality. You are the living proof of the transformational power of this process.

The six core principles of Applied Spirituality build the foundation for the workshops and retreats: Radical Honesty, Mirroring, Communication, the Monkey-mind, Be Here Now and Direct Experience. Everything else is shaped around the group and comes together spontaneously in the moment.

I see group-work as a safe space to experiment and play. Straightforward, no woo-woo, and on an eye-to-eye level. The conditioned mind can wait outside – your curiosity and creativity are invited in. Join me in one of the…



Fun about Mat

• In the process of getting my first job, I lost a bet and had to buy a sheep.

• I’m a total sucker for simple, somewhat mindless jokes based on word-play. Example: »Why don’t you find any ants in churches? Because they are in sects.« Ha!

• The books on my bookshelf are sorted by color. That creates a pretty gradient!

• I (still married at that time) once had dinner with my girlfriend (still married at that time, too), her parents, her in-laws, her husband and his new girlfriend. New paradigm living!

• I’ve got an imaginary nut allergy, and I’m considering adding citrus as well.

• With a win-rate of $0.X over millions of hands I’m one of the most unsuccessful winning poker players that I know.

• I love Tony’s Chocolonely Caramel Zeezout bars and herewith officially apply for an endorsement deal. Tony, if you read this: Ping me!

Mathias Fritzen - Black shirt - Professional Coaching - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Facts about Mat

• I used to design out-of-the-box interfaces for companies such as Lufthansa, Telekom, SEAT and DHL.

• I’m an ICF accredited Certified Professional Coach. That simply means: I’ve got a bag full of tools to support your journey.

• In over 20 years of Martial Arts training I learned plenty about the nature of fear, dedication and focus.

• I was pioneering the sport Parkour in Germany, co-founded the ParkourONE community and worked as a TRuST-Headcoach. Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles, watch my video.

• I’ve spent years studying and practicing Self-Inquiry, a form of deep diving and questioning into the nature of reality.

• I’ve logged countless hours on the Zen-Meditation cushion observing and experiencing what’s actually going on within me.

• I’m committed to truth and a firm believer in the power of direct experiencing.

That’s what my clients say

Anna Lisa Schorn - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» At first I had doubts if you would butt-in with your coaching. But you don’t influence me at all. I’ve learned so much from working with you. I have to say that I feel very different – much more like myself. It is as if you handed me a sheet of paper and pens and showed me how to hold them but not what I should draw. Everyone who spends an hour with you will most likely spend many more in the future. «

Anna-Lisa Schorn, Account Director
Steven Käser - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» I see Mathias in his process, becoming ever gentler and accepting with himself and with it I see him shining those qualities back to his sourrounding and followers. My take on things is that a guide or a coach can only bring you as far in the process as he has gone the way himself. I’ve known Mathias now for more then 15 years… I’ve seen him walk quite a stretch. I value his guiding and enjoy his presence. «

Steven Käser, CEO
Dafni Bagkeri - Testimonial - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

» Working with Mathias has been a profound experience. He is a cultivated, insightful, connected to his higher-self coach that guides you to identify and break-through your inner blocks. His gifted spirit and generosity of his loving energy along with his holistic approach will bring you clarity to connect all the dots in your life and transform all relationships but most of all, the relationship with your self. «

Dafni Bagkeri, RFP Manager

Mathias Fritzen - Tin can phone, Contact - Professional Coaching - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Looking forward to hearing from you