Tuesday is TRUTHDAY -

We live in a society where it’s common to play roles and wear masks. We are used to carefully shape our realities at work and maybe even with friends and family. Playing this game can be quite exhausting over time. That’s why we created Tuesday is Truthday!

Together we explore how it feels to be deeply honest with ourselves and communicate with others outside of stressful false identities and the constant need to be agreeable. We get uncomfortable in order to get comfortable!

We meet online via Zoom every Tuesday evening from 7 to 8:30.

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This is a safe space. You don’t have to share anything. Consider this a chance! A chance to get real and ask what you normally don’t dare to ask. A chance to lighten your load and share what you’ve been longing to share for so long. Here you can truly be yourself without being judged.

About us

Podcast on BULLSHIT-FREE LIVING Mathias -


For the past four years Mathias has been working with coaching-clients of all walks of life both locally in Basel and online. He developed a unique system that combines cutting edge Coaching Tools and Consciousness Technologies with one simple goal: Transforming complexity to clarity.



Alma is a down-to-earth content creator and social media consultant, but above all she’s a truth warrior. A passionate wonderer and thorough searcher, she has learned that most answers can be found within oneself. As a coach, she is now keen on inspiring others to find freedom and strength within themselves.

Tuesday is TRUTHDAY Emanuel -


Emanuel had his logical patterns as a university student turned upside down through practical coaching and spirituality. His growing wish to actively co-create a more conscious planet propelled him into coach training. Now he combines his analytical brain with heart-opening techniques.


✔ Stress reduction   ✔ Energy gain   ✔ Confidence boost   ✔ Deeper connection   ✔ Improved relationships   ✔ Less judgment   ✔ More self love   ✔ More compassion   ✔ Attracting what you truly want   ✔ Leadership

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»Thank you for organizing, making it visible, tangible and holding the space to listen & share, give and get, and whatever happened that I might not be aware of yet… Best meetup experience ever! So far.«
(Feedback of a participant)

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Tuesday is Truthday is a weekly drop-in Session. Joining is super easy: Simply transfer the fee of 10 CHF using the online payment form below. We will send you an email with the link, password and instructions to login. Looking forward to meeting you!