How did you end up here?

You’re feeling worn out and down because your work consumes all of your time, leaving no room for yourself. On top of that, conflicts and disagreements in your relationship are adding to your stress. Quitting isn’t an option because of your responsibilities. It feels like everyone else is managing just fine, and you’re the only one who is struggling. You’ve tried toughening up, but it’s not making it better.

They Way

The weight of everything makes you think about therapy, but you’re scared others may see you as weak and unable to handle your life. These thoughts are making you feel more overwhelmed and alone. You know there must be a way out, but right now, you just can’t see where it is.

How to get out?

I’m not writing this to make you feel worse. I want you to know that you are not alone.

I know what it feels like—I’ve been there myself. I have also worked with hundreds of clients in similar situations. It’s okay to feel the way you feel, and it’s absolutely normal.

There is a way out, and that way out is in!

They Way

The way

I’m not saying that there’s a magic formula that will fix everything. I’m not saying the process will always be easy or enjoyable. But I am saying that there is a way that has worked in the past, works today, and will work in the future. The way:

1. Understand yourself deeply, including your mind, emotions, intuition and spirit.

2. Overcome the obstacles that block you from living the life that you desire.

3. Be true to yourself in everything you do, unapologetically.

I specialize in supporting you with all three steps and taking back the joy of your life.

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Mathias Fritzen

  • Professional Coach with 8+ years experience
  • Certifications: iPEC, ELI, ICF, TRuST, NLP, PI, CI
  • Trauma-informed approach
  • 20 years experience in Martial Arts & Parkour
  • Guest-Lecturing at UAS Dortmund
  • Author of Bullshit-Free Living and 99 Doodles
  • Creator of the Coaching App Pharos
I was feeling low in terms of energy, motivation, self-esteem and purpose. I looked for a coach because I needed more action oriented solutions. Mathias accompanied my personal and spiritual development for over a year. He challenged me to deconstruct psychosomatic blockages or conditionings which have been holding me back from my potential or connecting to my authentic self. I was working on different layers of my life (work, relationships, roots, spirituality, creative projects…). It has been a deep and transformational journey and I sincerely appreciate Mathias for his support.
Jacqueline Be
Mathias provides a welcoming and tailored method for uncovering your potential and shaping your vision around what motivates you most. What impressed me about Mathias was his commitment, flexibility in tailoring to your needs, and his ability to empower you to recognize both your limitations and strengths, guiding you on how to leverage them for growth. Mathias greatly assisted me in determining my next project, which would bring me satisfaction both professionally and personally.
Taulant Muka
Coaching with Mathias is like looking into a mirror. A mirror doesn’t reveal who’s the prettiest in the land – it reflects the truth. He shows you where you stand with compassion, because he has been there. Leading by example he shows you, that it is indeed possible to walk this path. But you have to find your own answers and what you make of it is your choice. If you’re looking for someone who supports you with honesty, compassion, ingenuity, experience, creativity and a tad of craziness, you’re in the right place. Lot’s of fun and hard work are guaranteed!
Sonja Hauser