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Life Transformation Workshop

Intensive Workshop

16. + 17. November 2019, Basel


Yes, the Matrix exists. It’s made of conditionings that rule your everyday-life and the very way you see the world. It’s made of the roles you think you have to play. It’s made of the masks you think you have to wear in order to fit in. Bring it to a halt!

There’s more to life and deep inside you’ve known this for a long time. Truly, you’re in charge! Follow your intuition, trust your visions and stop waiting for things to change on the outside. It’s in your hands. To invite change on the outside, transformation needs to happen inside of you. Wake up!

In this Workshop Simone and Mathias guide you and a small group of likeminded people to your inner doors and support your mental prison-break. You’re ready.



Life Transformation Workshop

Day 1


Learn more about the reality that you live in and on how you create your life. Through practical exercises you become conscious of who you think you are and who you really are. 

✔️  More clarity
✔️  More confidence
✔️  More connectedness


Life Transformation Workshop

Day 2


Learn to connect to your true self and how to embody it in everyday-life. Through practical exercises you get empowered to unleash your potential and authentically express yourself.

✔️  More freedom
✔️  More courage
✔️  More influence


At a glance

🗓️  Sat 16.11. – 6 hours + break / Sun 17.11. – 6 hours + break

📍 Integral Center Schaueburg, Schauenburgerstr. 17, 4052 Basel

🍏 Yoga-mats, cushions, blankets, pen and paper, snacks and drinks are included

🧘 The price for a single ticket is 450 CHF

🧘🧘‍♂️ Price for a partner-ticket (2 persons): 810 CHF (-10%)

☯️ The number of participants is limited to 20 people to ensure an impactful Workshop

Life Transformation Workshop - Simone Weber - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Simone Weber

Simone works as a medium and potential-coach. She’s the founder of live & bloom. She shares her knowledge of mediality, transformation and spiritual awakening in a compassionate, authentic and clear way.

Life Transformation Workshop - Mathias Fritzen - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Mathias Fritzen

As a coach, creative and sometimes as a troublemaker Mathias advocates for bullshit-free living. He transforms complexity into clarity. His specialty is to dig out the roots of things and reveal the truth.

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