Premium Coaching

for the highly committed

One question I love to ask my clients is: Leaving aside all limitations – what is the best that you can offer to the world? It’s only fair to ask myself the same question.

This package is the answer.

For one year we will work together to transform your life and take you to the next level.

This includes 100 hours of Coaching, 2 ELI and 1 ELI 360° assessments™, workshops, books, exercises and WhatsApp support for a flat fee of 25.000 CHF.

Some exemplary achievements of my clients are:

Outer Results


Major pay-raise received.

Ideal partner found.

Academic degree earned.

New experience unlocked.

Exciting job created.

Races won.

Todo’s perfectly organized.

Relationship ignited.

Promotion granted.

Childhood dream manifested.

Authentic business created.


Inner Results


Mental chaos transformed into clarity.

Emotions and intuition reconnected.

Strong vision and purpose created.

Victimhood debunked and ended.

Over-thinker replaced by creator and doer.

Trauma and shadows integrated.

Inner peace and wellbeing established.

Conditioning and limiting beliefs dissolved.

Seeker replaced by experiencer.

True authentic self rediscovered.

Inner fire and bliss rekindled.


Whatever it takes

I’ll be right on site with you at work, in your workouts, in your difficult conversations – you name it. Together we dismantle the box that you find yourself in right now and create an entirely new space that follows your own design – outside and inside.

Methods used include, but are not limited to, Energy Leadership Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Self-Inquiry, The Work, Integral-Theory, Shaolin Kung Fu, Le Parkour, Intuitive Archery, Rinzai-Zen, Inner Engineering, Mindfulness and Family Constellation Work – whatever it takes to finding the answers:

Who are you really and who do you want to be?


This is an application only offer limited to 5 highly committed 1:1 clients per year. Because great achievements happen in great constellations, we have to find out if we are not only a good fit but a powerful team! This is a two-way application – you apply with me and I apply with you. The best way to go about this is having a true meeting. The first one is on me.

*The compensation of 25.000 CHF is paid prior to the first session of the package and is non-refundable.
If you choose to quit along the way, all unused funds will go to charity.