Coaching Packages


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Coaching is a process of profound perspective-shifts, transformation and integration. My clients and I dive deep to discover the roots of their challenges. Together we identify the perfect tools for each situation and apply them. We set goals to enrich their experience and in some cases completely transform their lives.

THE Package -

THE Package

✓  12 Sessions
✓  2 Assessments (opt.)
✓  Material + Exercises
✓  WhatsApp Support
✓  Workbook


Small Package -

Small Package

✓  6 Sessions
✓  2 Assessments (opt.)
✓  Material + Exercises
✓  WhatsApp Support
✓  Workbook


Single Sessions -

Single Session

Usually I offer single sessions only to former clients and trainees (at a reduced rate).

Occasionally I make exceptions when the applicant is either very experienced or exceptionally ready.



Sessions — Coaching Sessions take place in person or via video-call. Usually they last about 90 minutes. In the event that we find a conclusion much earlier, we save that time for later use. If we are deeply into the process and go a little over the 90 minute mark, that’s ok, too. I don’t book clients back-to-back.

Assessments — The Energy Leadership ™ Index (ELI) Assessment provides a snapshot of your current perception and attitude towards life as well as your behavioral patterns and belief-system. It has been tested and approved by thousands of individuals as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies. I offer the ELI optionally in the beginning of your Coaching journey and at the end. Comparing the two results makes your progress visible.

Material + Exercises — Over the years I have gathered and created a large pool of additional material and exercises. You will be provided with the appropriate documents after your coaching sessions, each individually adjusted to your personal journey.

WhatsApp Support — You can contact me 24/7/365 (within reason) via WhatsApp. This can be either via text or voice messages (voice messages must be no longer than 2 minutes). I answer within 24 hours, often much faster. In case the timespan in between your coaching sessions exceeds 2 weeks, this offer ceases to apply. The Coaching process requires a certain continuity.

Workbook — The Workbook on »Bullshit-Free Living« contains 7 chapters, 21 practical exercises and an extensive toolbox for self-discovery. It is immediately applicable in your everyday-life and can be used as a companion alongside your Coaching journey. Consider this a »nice to have« but not a »have-to read«.