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Into Collective

These days we see a big need for support on many levels. Staying home to flatten the curve is one thing. But how about what’s going on inside of us? How about conflicts with our partners, unwanted thoughts, nasty emotions and outdated patterns? Long kept dreams and new ideas for the world to come? Goals to be set and seeds to be planted starting today?

The situation we are currently facing makes it clear: our inner world needs attention! That is why we created INTO Collective.

Monthly Membership includes

1on1 Coaching Sessions - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Four 1h live Group-Sessions

…providing you with inspiration, perspective and practical tools to work on your inner experience.
(Online via Zoom)

Summaries and Exercises

…after every session to practice at home and deepen your understanding of what has been shared.
(PDF via eMail)

Workshop and Retreats - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Exchange within a Community

…of like-minded people. We like to call them pioneers of a conscious and integrated society.
(Closed Facebook Group)

Some of our previous topics were:

Refocus — How to handle distractions in times of crisis and how to refocus on inner wellbeing.
»I« of the storm — How to ride the storm instead of running or hiding away.
Inner critic — Befriending ones inner critic and reclaiming a solid leadership position.

Into Collective

No pre-cooked or pre-recorded material. We will work with what’s currently important for you. Submit your topic until Saturday. Get answers and exercises in the group-session on Sunday 6:30pm CEST (GMT+1).

We want no barriers AND your full investment.
Therefore your first session is free of charge and after that it’s pay what it’s worth for you.



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Making good use of the current situation, we wish to evolve into a more self-responsible, high-energy community, with people who want to feel good about themselves and what they do. Pioneers who are ready to co-create a conscious and integrated society. And remember: We are always in the perfect place to start, right here and now!


Who we are

INTO Collective - Mathias - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Professional Coach

For the past three years Mathias has been working with coaching-clients of all walks of life both locally in Basel and online. He developed a unique system that combines cutting edge Coaching Tools and Consciousness Technologies with a simple goal: Transforming complexity to clarity.

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Mathias | Coaching



Coach in Training

Alma is a down-to-earth content creator and social media consultant, but above all she’s a truth warrior. A passionate wonderer and thorough searcher, she has learned that most answers can be found within oneself. As an aspiring coach, she is now keen on inspiring others to find freedom and strength within themselves.

Connect with Alma on LinkedIN.

INTO Collective - Emanuel - MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Coach in Training

Emanuel had his logical patterns as a university student turned upside down through practical coaching and spirituality. His growing wish to actively co-create a more conscious planet propelled him into coach training, where he now combines his analytical brain with heart-opening techniques.