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An illustrated toilet-book

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Applied Spirituality Workbook

Flip. Stop. Explore!

After a coaching session I sometimes send out summaries to my clients. They often include drawings to further illustrate a specific topic that we discussed. This book is a collection of my 58 personal favorite episodes.

I like to call it a toilet-book simply because it’s like one of these books I keep next to the toilet for light reading while indisposed. Depending on one’s system it can take anywhere between thirty minutes up to a few years to digest.



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You see, I believe that life is essentially simple. We make it complicated. This little book dares the impossible — turning complexity back into clarity and enjoying the ride along the way.

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This is not for reading only. It’s for experiencing! Put every piece of information you find here to the test. Every subtle notion of meaning — project it onto your own life. Try it out and see what works for you.

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Maybe you know it all already. Maybe you sense it. Maybe you have no clue, but know that reality is not quite as it seems. Countless times I’ve asked myself what it’s all about. I bet you have, too. Who are we on the deepest level?

I invite you to meditate with me, and fortunately the meditation has already begun.