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A FLASH of TRUTH in times of #fakenews.
Inspiring people beyond names, job-titles & masks.
Bullshit-free videocast in under 5 minutes.


#35 – Spiritual scene

»If you were to tell the spiritual scene one thing, what would that be?«


#34 – Night & Day

»Sometimes I was out till 4am in the morning and next morning madame psychologist was sitting in her chair.«


#33 – Emotions want to be felt

»I always had the tendency to supress negative emotions. Ultimately you have to look at them, too.«


#32 – Fear of just being

»It will always be just being. I think that scares the shit out of me. Have you ever had this intense fear of just being?«


#31 – Seeing similarities

»Try for a week just to see similarities in others instead off differences.«


#30 – Deciding what’s right for me

»Back in the days there was a fight braking out as soon as someone just said a word. The most important person in your life is you. No one is watching you if you don’t do it yourself.«


#29 – Letting go into the flow

»You cannot say I’m going with the flow of the river but at the same time holding on to a root.«


#28 – Restlessness

»It’s like ants that are moving very fast in my heart and in my throat. It’s very difficult to stay with that.«


#27 – Your body is your temple

»When I came back it felt like coming back to my body. It felt like moving my body consciously for the first time and that I’m not my body but I’m living in it.«


#26 – Pro sports is overrated

»I remember the moment when I felt that this is much more importan than standing on a podium. I have to say this… high level sports is overrated.«


#25 – Means of choice

»You’ve got the option to meditate for 20 years or to go on an ayahuasca trip for three days. But you don’t want to do either one. Then Satsang is a good idea.«


#24 – A new way of seeing life

»It’s not that the voice is not there but now I recognize it. Look what you’re talking to yourself…«


#23 – One step closer to the edge

»Even if you’re living on the street you’re in a game, too. Most likely I’d try to become the best among the homeless.«


#22 – Body/Nobody

»Yes, we are not the body in some realities and some planes. But here we are the body and that’s just as divine as any other thing.«


#21 – Zero-Hero-Zero

»I found myself in the hospital the next day, in intensive care, drugged up after a six hour surgery.«


#20 – Being reborn

»For the first time I saw through my eyes. All the colors, the sounds, the wind, the weather… everything was so intense!«


#19 – It’s all about love

»I think it’s all about love. If everyone would have that very very clearly…«


#18 – Allowed to find that cool?

»I feel like I’m not allowed to find these things cool cognitively. I have no idea where that comes from.«


#17 – Confrontation

»For me something that’s been really funny is confronting people with something that I feel inside of me that I need to say to these people. Often it’s quite uncomfortable things to say.«


#16 – Am I going mad?

»Everything that I have access to is my perception. The people that I see walking around out there appear in my perception. This dialogue that I’m having appears in my perception. This body appears in my perception. That’s the only thing that exists.«


#15 – Change starts in you

»You attract what you radiate.«


#14 – Spreading empowerment

»We need to empower each other and say: “Yes, you know it also. You felt it. Now go with that and give it full priority!” (…) I feel this is missing a bit – teachers that really encourage people to go out and share also.«


#13 – Waterfall in a box

»In the meditation what came to my mind was like a waterfall that we have inside… running here. With the mind it’s like we put this waterfall inside of a small box. You don’t hear the sound of the water, you don’t see it. It’s there but you don’t have access to it somehow.«


#12 – Looking for the lows

»Lows need to come. I wanna work on my stuff. I wanna shed my skins! I wanna dig out the dirt! I wanna get it all out there!«


#11 – Intuition

»On the simple paths I can follow my intuition, but there are situations when I hesitate. (…) To nurture the trust (in intuition) some good experiences are helpful.«


#10 – All this should be censored

»You said that there’s no difference between yoga and sex… and you’re a big yoga-fan, right?«


#9 – Love affair

»When I went back to India I told my psychotherapist that I’m gonna stop here and will not come back. Because two weeks with Ananta felt like one year of psychotherapy.«


#8 – Ayahuasca

»I was God and nothing at the same time.«


#7 – Falling back

»We’re coming to life with everything and then all the stuff is coming in like protective mechanisms or whatever you want to call it. Then it gets clouded and covered up with concrete. It’s about falling back into a childlike freedom.«


#6 – Taking responsibility

»When we shift from taking actions justifying ourselves based on religion… so based on something external: »God said« or »the Bible says« or »the sacred book says« that I should do this or act like that and take it as my own responsibility. How far can I go if it’s on me?«


#5 – Inner compass

»I’ve always been looking for a compass or a simple guideline on how to live life – a few basic principles. Today I’ve got two and they are completely contradictory.«


#4 – Attraction is not love

»Then there are also other people that I can still love, appreciate them for exactly who they are and choose not to spend time with them.«


#3 – Airing out your mind

»I school we’re told: »Use the mind! Use the mind!« Your parents say the same: »Use the mind! Switch the mind on!« Until you come to realize that you cannot answer all your questions with the mind only.«


#2 – Coming home

»And then something really interesting happened. Because when I was just connected to that love and just feeling that, they started changing completely towards me. All the problems we had just fell away. Non-existent! My love brought out their love inside of them and that is something that is really touching to see!«


#1 – In this lifetime

»I was always, always interested in consciousness building in »what are these 90 or 99%« that Einstein talked about that we’re not using.«


Why the short-clip format?

TV feels biased, stale and overly commercial. Podcasts feel too long for todays busy schedule. I like fresh and inspiring content and I like it clear and reduced to the max.
➡ A FLASH of TRUTH in times of #fakenews.


Why no information about the people?

Executive manager XYZ is prone to say what the job-title indicates. But what’s really going on behind the roles and masks? That’s what I’m interested in!
➡ Inspiring people beyond names, job-titles & masks. 


How does it work practically?

I meet my guests in a safe and comfortable space to engage in a meaningful conversation. The interview-material will be cut and then selected and approved together with the guest.
➡ Bullshit-free videocast in under 5 minutes.



Thank you to all participants and supporters!
May your wisdom touch the hearts of many.





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