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We can talk about so many different teacher-roles in the realm of supporting, guiding and helping people. Whether it’s a therapist, mentor, healer, teacher, consultant or coach – all of them have different qualities. However, what I want to shine some light on is the very way of working. To illustrate it a little better I’m going to define two opposing approaches.


1. Textbook-Approach (A)

Passing on what one has learned from books and courses. Relying on a specific technique or methodology. Sharing theoretical knowledge.


2. Presence-Approach (B)

Working intuitively from a place of empathy and connectedness. Relying on whatever arises in the present moment. Sharing experiences.


The teacher-role. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

Leaning towards any of the two extreme ends of this spectrum (A—B) makes it increasingly difficult to incorporate the other – I’ve seen it many times. One who swears on a specific methodology will leave very little room for intuitive hits. One who strongly relies on the Presence-Approach becomes almost allergic to any form of head-knowledge.


Teacher-role behind the scenes

As much as I like the Textbook-Approach, we are currently living in a time that screams for teachers of the second type – those working with the Presence-Approach. Here’s what you need to know about them:


  • Some have the ability to feel what you feel. They can help you see, release and integrate locked-up emotions. They also have the tendency to soak them up like sponges and having a hard time differentiating and getting back to their natural state.


  • Some perceive and speak with an immense amount of clarity. They can help you trace back your conditioned patterns and dig up the root-thoughts that cause you trouble. They also have the tendency of ruthlessly magnifying every single flaw inside of themselves.


  • Some feel the subtle energies of people and places. They are your eyes in a dimension of life that clearly influences you but may be out of your range of perception. They also have the tendency to get overwhelmed quickly and retreat.


  • Some have the gift of touch. They can feel out the slightest tension in your body and help you ease into relaxation and become free of pain. They may also be delicate and fragile.


  • Some have the ability to see your shadows and traumas from the past. They can support you dropping through the fear and be whole. Often times they spend significant amounts of time sitting in the midst of their own inner darkness.


  • Some exude so much love that they can’t help but give it away. They are the light for you to find that same place within your own self. They also have the tendency to attract neediness that depletes their resources.


  • Some are so well anchored in the present moment that they pull you out of your mental chaos by simply being there with you. They might also forget their appointments or loose their money and belongings.


High-Sensitivity Task Force

I could go on with the list above but I feel you get the point. There’s some top-notch personnel preparing to come out of hiding. The world desperately needs what they have to offer. If you want to benefit from the superpowers of this High-Sensitivity Task Force, handle them with the same care and awareness that they offer to you.





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