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I’ve always been a tech-geek. When an idea pops up and I’m out and about, I put it in my phone. My laptop at home already syncs in the background. The same goes for my to-do’s and my calendar. How cool is that!? All this has made my life a lot easier but in some ways also more confined. Because underneath the obvious practicalities lies another, more subtle dimension – let’s call it spiritual scheduling.


Trust in the universe

When my ex-wife was in her teens she pretty much lived by the rules of spiritual scheduling. Her sheer trust in the universe was bending reality and I witnessed it many times. She would literally leave the house AFTER the trains departure time. She would head to the train station and board the train with an unfazed ease that blew my mind. Of course the train was 20 minutes late and of course it just arrived right then and there when she needed it.


Reality distortion field

In Walter Isaacsons Steve Jobs biography a similar phenomenon is mentioned a few times: the reality distortion field. For some reasons there was this current around Steve Jobs that made the seemingly impossible possible – including hard and fast timelines.


Time is relative

Time is relative. Physics says so and apparently the story about my ex-wife and Steve Jobs do, too. We all know that: Some days go by in a heartbeat. Others seem to draaaaaaaaag endlessly. But what about my precious digitally synced schedule that I mentioned up top? Is time linear or relative? I’m confused!


Practical versus spiritual scheduling

Time doesn’t exist at all. Time does exist and it’s entirely relative. Time does exist and it’s entirely linear. Spirituality is full of paradoxes and this is one of them. How about all of this is true on some level? How about making use of the appropriate perspective on exactly the level it works on?


Here’s how it works for me

1. My all digital practical scheduling works perfectly well for me as a baseline standard. It gives my life structure and my mind an anchor to rest.

2. At the same time I try not to cling to it and give space to spontaneous change – spiritual scheduling. Sometimes it’s just not the right time.


A real-life example

I went to Spain for 10 days to finish a book that I’m working on for about 2 years — that’s pretty much practical scheduling. The minute I arrived here I knew that it’s not going to happen. For some reason it didn’t feel right. I don’t know why and I don’t have to know. A project like this comes to life in its own timing and not via c-section — that’s spiritual schedule intervention!


Conclusion for planners

You feel a tightness in your chest. Your thinking is narrow-minded. What you planned doesn’t manifest. People are canceling out last minute. The delivery you’re waiting for doesn’t come. You’re all stressed out while nothing is moving. All these are indicators that you cling too much to practical scheduling. Let go of all the must’s, should’s and have-to’s for a moment. Take rest. Breathe.

What wants to happen right now?

The answer to this question arises automatically out of that spacious moment of silence. If it doesn’t, maybe that in itself is your answer!





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