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We’re currently running a weekly Meetup called HONESTY SESSIONS and it has been great!

We live in a society where it’s very common to play roles. To wear masks and carefully shape our realities at work and even with friends and family. In the HONESTY SESSIONS we are creating a safe space – a playground for you to experience what radical honesty actually is and how it feels.

Here you can explore communicating with others outside of stressful false identities and the constant need to ‘be agreeable.’ This is about being real with love and compassion. This is where you can truly be yourself without being judged.

Our participants are willing to get uncomfortable in order to get comfortable. They come with curiosity and openness. They leave inspired, a little lighter, a little more free and a little more themselves. Here’s feedback we got after our latest session:


»Thank you for DOING it = organizing, making it visible, tangible and holding the space to listen & share, give and get, and whatever happened that I might not be aware of right now WHAT it will be valuable FOR … ?! 🙂 Best meetup experience ever! So far ;)«


What true honesty IS NOT

🚫 It’s not about sharing every single thought that comes up for you. Most of these thoughts are irrelevant anyways.

🚫 It’s not about sharing every single emotion that passes through you either.

🚫 It’s not about being rude or hurtful. The message itself and the delivery are two separate things.

🚫 It’s not only about »negative« subjects. For some people it’s even more difficult to share »positive« messages.

🚫 It’s not about being in the spotlight.

🚫 It’s not about hiding either.

🚫 It’s not a special skill to acquire. More so it’s returning to a natural state.

🚫 It’s not a space to pick up gossip for entertainment.

🚫 It’s not a topic to talk about from a distance. It’s a space to directly explore the impact.

🚫 It’s not deadly serious.


What true honesty IS

✅ It’s sharing what you think and don’t dare to say.

✅ It’s sharing how you feel.

✅ It’s being vulnerable.

✅ It’s exposing what is hidden and shine light on it.

✅ It’s lightening your load.

✅ It’s connecting on a deeper level.

✅ It’s active listening.

✅ It’s compassion for yourself and others.

✅ It’s sometimes disruptive and always transformative.

✅ It’s fun.


If you feel like exploring from the comfort of your home: Radical Honesty is one of the practical chapters in my book. If you feel like exploring on a 1:1 basis: Schedule your free initial 1:1 coaching consultation with me. If you feel like joining one of our Meetup sessions: Check the latest schedule!

Looking forward to exploring with you!





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