Parkour Magic. Arm jumps in Duisburg city. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

In the early 2000s my friend Deniz and I discovered something extraordinary. Deniz had just recently seen a movie called Yamakasi where some guys moved through the city in a very special way. They were jumping rails, rolling on concrete and scaling buildings. We were blown away and wanted to try it out ourselves.

At that point I’d been into Martial Arts for many years already and found it to be a welcome challenge. It turned out to be much more of a challenge than I initially thought it was. It was the opportunity to break free.



I’m talking about the sport known as Parkour. I’m talking about rebellious days, shared experiences and a strong bond among close friends – a magical time where we learned to overcome obstacles – both physical and mental ones.

We had so much love for Parkour and all we had learned through exploring it together that we naturally wanted to pass it on to others. We cofounded the first association, gave workshops and trained with many amazing people over the years.


Parkour Magic. Duisburg city. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Breaking free

All that sounds like »free spirit« and »everything is allowed«, right? Not entirely true! We started defining values, putting labels and creating methods and systems. The freedom sneakily turned into a box again. A box that recreates limitation and separation: We are like this and they are like that.

That’s how the human mind works, isn’t it? It’s a meaning-making-machine.


Parkour Magic. Duisburg city. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Sneaky limitations

I wrote a book called Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living. It’s a workbook that supports people becoming more of who they essentially are. Ditching what no longer serves them and unleashing their potential.

The book is full of concepts. It looks like a method – a system. Limitations sneaking in again? Damn it! How funny is that…

Is it even possible to move freely without concepts?


Parkour Magic. Duisburg city. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM



It’s my firm belief that there is no need to stick to any system and that we have what it takes already within us. No need for any box whatsoever.

Let’s bring the magic of the early Parkour-days back and play!

Let’s use concepts as tools.
But on our own terms.
Take it or leave it.
Bend it.
Transform it.
Make it our own.

This life is for freedom!





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