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Let’s wake up from our sleep state. Let’s bring the worlds of spirituality and business together. It’s a brilliant combination once you see and embody it: unleash your true power, tap into flow, and become the creator and inspiration of your organization.

At SHARE360, we are passionate about bringing these two worlds together. Spirituality is self-realization applied in daily reality. In other words, knowing yourself deeply at all levels, letting go of all the stories that defined you as a person. Realizing that letting go of attachments allows you to experience your daily (working) life so differently (the awakened state). Discover true leadership that is already within you. This is what sustainable leadership transformation is about.


Dripping the limitations and finding your flow

As we grow up and develop ourselves, we are soon identified by our name, our personality and our achievements. These things grow to define our life, our expectations, our belief systems and above all, our unconscious patterns and reaction to what happens. We call this the »sleep state«. Raising your awareness on your own thinking, emotional triggers and behavioral patterns is the key to freedom. These patterns block you from connecting to your inner power, your creativity, your wisdom and your connection to the field around you. Once you are »woken up« to these limitations, your energy level rises, you feel vibrant, you inspire others as this higher energy level attracts others, and events begin to happen synchronistically. You get into a flow.


Unleash the power through sense and respond leadership

Feeling powerful as a result of control feels very different to feeling powerful as a result of inner strength. The act of controlling takes a lot of energy on your system, as you have to use your mind constantly. You are forcing things to happen instead of trusting they will happen. This is draining and sucks energy from your real tasks as a leader. Opening up to »sense and respond leadership« will put you and your organization into flow.


Leadership transformation has consciousness as a guiding mind-set

Imagine what would happen if you let go of the belief system that you have to control your organization with layers and layers of management and oversight? How could this unleash the potential of all your employees? This requires an increase in awareness on both sides. Self-management teams, Holacracy and Tribes often fail because the awareness of the employees is not taken adequately into consideration, nor is the management fully aware of the new level of consciousness that is required. Unleashing full potential of your organization requires a completely different »mind-set« (consciousness) for all people involved. No more hiding behind a victim, conflict or commanding attitude but a willingness and openness to share responsibility and showing engagement in every role.


The ripple effect of awakened leaders

Leadership transformation implies a rise in awareness of the entire organization. However, we believe it starts with you as a leader otherwise it will not result in a sustainable change. Leading your organization from an awakened state will positively influence your organization immediately. It works like throwing a stone in the water and ripples expanding across touching each and every one. That is why we are inspired to work with leaders who feel they are ready for this journey. Curious, inspired or triggered? Give us a call, read more on our site www.share360.nl.

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