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Today Rebecca and I had some free time and we used it to play with intuitive art. We invented a little game that is super fun and hones creativity, intuition, co-creation and brains. My recommendation is: Try this at home! The only thing you need is paper and pens.


The rules

  • Each pic a topic (don’t share it yet!).
  • Each pic a pen of their favorite color.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes. Player A draws something related to her topic.
  • Player B adds to the drawing for another 5 minutes related to his topic.
  • Voila – you’ve got a fun co-created intuitive piece of art.
  • Now switch to writing. Player A writes a verse on her topic.
  • Player B writes a verse on his topic.
  • Now you’ve got a piece of intuitive poetry on top of it.


First result

Rebecca started out drawing a landscape. Her topic was (which I didn’t know of course) Adventure of life. I felt like abstracting the scene a little. However, this whole game is not in any way about creating something specific. It’s more about the conscious and subconscious interplay between the two players. Can I guess what she is up to? Do I even want to? Do I play along, counteract, enhance, destroy or drizzle some stardust over it?

Intuitive Art. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Intuitive Art

Now it was my turn to start. I feel it is really important to swap as it changes to whole dynamic. Now I could inspire her (or not). Now she had to respond to what was happening on the paper. By the way: We didn’t talk a lot during the game and somehow that made it more fun. My topic: Patterns. Hers: Connect the dots.

Intuitive Art. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Dynamic evolution

It’s really interesting as well how, with each round, the intention can be taken to another level. There are so many variables to play with: Style of drawing, degree of realism, direct or indirect relationships just to name a few. Topics: One circle of creation and Intoxication.

Intuitive Art. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


New synapses

Within half an hour of back-and-forth we could really feel how we got more present with it. Making up stories while observing the other one drawing and vice versa. Taking a look around in the room for inspiration. Noticing which song is playing in the background? How can I surprise her? How can I surprise myself? How can I take a leap and draw or write something unconventional?

Intuitive Art. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Try this at home

Some of you might think: I’m can’t draw. I never wrote a poem. I’m not creative. Forget about these limiting beliefs for a moment and give it a try. It’s a good challenge that hones creativity, intuition, co-creation and brains. Do it at work with one of your colleagues. If you get caught by your boss, tell her the truth: That you’re training to become a better employee. Because you are! If that one really doesn’t work for you: There a more practical exercises in the Applied Spirituality Workbook. 😉






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