Direct Experience. Cliff-diving into the ocean. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

There is no need for more reading, studying or arduous journeys. Drop every concept and reconnect with your own inner compass – your intuition. Your own experience is the only proof you’ll need. Here’s why practicing to follow your intuition and inner-truth makes a lot of sense:


Direct Experience. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Too much information

We easily spend 15 years on education. An average person reads 120 books in a lifetime – that’s around 10.800.000 words in total. We spend more than 10 years (5.256.000 minutes) in front of a screen watching shows or scrolling down social media timelines. The density of information that our minds deal with on a daily basis is already immense and still increasing at an exponential rate.

How far has all this knowledge taken us towards freedom and lasting happiness? Not very far. Working with my clients I advocate for a pause. A break from ever increasing information intake. Your own experience is the only proof you’ll need.


Direct Experience. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Moving from head to heart

It’s color is in between amber and light yellow. When you hold it up against the light it’s in between opaque and transparent. The texture is somewhat thick and gooey – sometimes a bit sugary granular. The taste is very rich and sweet… No matter how hard I try to explain to you what honey actually is, I’m bound to fail. I can take various angles and write 1.000 words about it, in the end you still have not the slightest insight on how it tastes.

In a similar way you cannot teach a child how to ride a bike by explaining it conceptually. You cannot learn from a book how to kiss and you cannot prepare for falling in love. Only when something is directly experienced is it’s essence truly understood and known. You won’t unlearn to ride a bike once you embody the flow of it and you won’t unlearn how to kiss. Both actually feels much better as soon as you stop thinking about how to do it. Embodiment is the absence of a concept. The concept simply dissolves in the intuitive doing. This is what I call »moving from head to heart«.


Direct Experience. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Direct experience

When something drops from mere head-knowledge into »the heart« it is truly experienced. This experience merges into a deep knowing and embodiment. Would you doubt that you know how to ride a bike even when the whole world turns against you? What you’ve experienced fully does not need a concept anymore. Now you are able to show it to someone else without reciting what you previously read about it. You can talk from your own experience. You are the living proof that riding a bike is possible.

In the same way I advocate for a lighthearted 360° skepticism. Believing is one thing, but 360° skepticism can lead you to lasting discoveries through direct experience. Listen and learn from everyone, observe and try, taste and feel, embrace failure. Fail forward! This goes for both the world you perceive on the outside and your inner world.


Direct Experience. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


Reconnect with your inner compass

Navigating through experience of life flows much more naturally using your inner compass – your intuition. No pro-and-con-lists needed, no board of advisors as council. You intuitively know which turn to take next. Yes, this inner voice is subtle and sometimes difficult to hear. The reason for that is obvious: too much information! The are simply too many moving pieces in the center of your attention for you to be aware of the subtle.

This is my invitation to move from head to heart, to shift your attention to the subtle, to become aware of your inner voice. Once this connection is re-established your inner compass is up and running. Now you’ve got two advisors to listen to: intuition and rational mind.

Guess who knows best what you need in the moment? You will intuitively know.





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