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I’m watching Jordan Peterson

His book »12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos« has sold more than 2 million times as far as I know. I understand the essence of his current mission like this: Life is tough and our best bet is to empower the individual self-responsibility. A culture of »playing nice« as well as a culture based on identity-politics is not going to serve us. He’s triggering people all over the place and takes their feedback in an impressively unwavering manner. Check out this interview and his talk with Sam Harris. If you find his positions controversial, let’s discuss it! I find it highly valuable.


I’m reading Ken Wilber

Ken Wilbers »Brief History of Everything« is brilliant! His model of »Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up« has been of immense value to me putting some puzzle-pieces together. How can someone be awake while still having a patriarchal worldview? Which role does contemporary psychology (integrating shadows) play in the process? Wilbers idea of holarchy instead of hierarchy solves a ton of issues as well: Each evolutionary step (no matter whether it’s external, internal, individual or collective) both transcends and includes it’s predecessor. It is higher in level but integrates its lower levels completely. Abuse of power impossible!


I’m into electro-scooters

For a week or two the whole city of Basel is plastered with little electro-scooters branded with »lime«. You can download an app to your phone, scan the QR-code and get going for a few dollars. I heard it looks quite silly… but it’s way too much fun! I like the idea to combine environmentally-friendly transportation with joyful experiences. Riding smoothly at 30km per hour guys – try it out!


I’m surprised by Kristen Ulmer

Former extreme skier Kristen Ulmer. Having had numerous near death experiences she has profound things to say about how to deal with fear. Rationalizing really won’t do it. It’s nothing more than a short-term fix that creates long-term suffering – yep. Her approach is to give space to fear, feel into it and make it your intimate friend. Wim Hof calls the cold his teacher – Kristen has a love affair with fear.


I’m a fan of Jeff Foster

I see him as a contemporary spiritual poet. On his Instagram he’s posting beautiful words like these: »We can’t go back to the way things were. We must let the old ‘security’ die. (It was no security for us, anyway.) We cannot un-see what we have seen. But we can be present with each other, today. And we can take each step consciously now, not automatically, habitually, but mindfully, slowly, with care, with listening and with open hearts. We can flush this rupture with awareness. We can stay close in this time of vulnerability. We cannot go back. But we can go Present. We can go closer to ourselves.«


I’m trying out hypnotherapy

I tried out hypnotherapy with Marisa Peer to intuitively meet old subconscious beliefs and consciously replace them. It was insightful and deep with some really unexpected bits coming up from when I was only 4 years old. There’s a free webinar currently available through mindvalley.


I’m reading about Bions O

I’ve read an essay on the Wilfred Bion, a British psychoanalyst who included the mystic dimension in his work. He called the absolute state »O« and aimed at merging back into it together with his patients. He approached his therapy session pretty much like true meetings – without history, notes, assumptions or plans. Meeting his patients in that space opened up the door for the unknown unknown and profound transformation. If you’re interested in reading the essay, please contact me.


I was invited

I was invited by the team of Love Your Potential to talk about authenticity & sincerity in Berlin and Hamburg. It has been a great experience! These guys are passionate about transforming the work environment through mindfulness. They walk the talk and love what they do. Check out their website!


What sparks your interest these days?
Have a good time y’all! 





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