Applied Spirituality. Mountain range meditator. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM

What is Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living? There are a wide variety of definitions and ideas around Spirituality. For some it’s a buzzword. For me it is simply finding the answer to the question »Who am I?«.


Applied Spirituality. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


We are not who we think we are

Why this question and not one of these: »What’s the meaning of life? Is there life after death? Where do we come from? Is there a creator of the universe? Were are we going?«. Simply because the being behind the »I« is the root of all other questions. It is the vantage point of awareness. The answer to all existential questions lies in this space.

But why even ask such a question? I know who I am! Mathias, born in 1984, Diploma in Communications Design… bullshit! My name, identity and storyline are not me. I’m not my body, my thoughts and not my emotions. Funny how we take for granted who we are and base our life worth on appearances that are in flux and ever changing.


Applied Spirituality. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


It cannot be said

Again: Who am I? It cannot be said. Otherwise someone would have done it, right? Jesus, Buddha, Shankara… all were pointing in the same direction but none could put it in words. It cannot be said. It can only be experienced and embodied – by you!

Applied Spirituality is focused around exactly that: directly experiencing who you essentially are.

It’s not about intellectual knowledge. This belongs to the realm of the rational mind – who you are cannot be found there. It’s not about belief either. Spirituality is prior to any Religion or belief-system. Jesus was not Christian and Buddha was not Buddhist.

So what is »bullshit-free living«? Seeing reality as it is, stripped from conditioning and roles, ideas and concepts. Living from a place of inner alignment. Awareness. Truth.


Applied Spirituality. Blog article on MATHIASFRITZEN.COM


All of this may sound grand. It is!
And yet it is so simple.

How »far« do you want to go on the way to yourself?
Do you see the paradox?

Let’s explore together!





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