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The other day I posted a video that shows a guy who’s wearing what looks like virtual reality (VR) goggles. The goggles look a bit odd though – they have no screen. He’s looking straight through them at »actual reality (AR)«. Totally in awe he explores around, wondering how amazing the real reality is.



A friend of mine made some fun comments on the pros and cons of actual reality. One downside that he mentioned was:

»Only one app installed.«

Somehow that struck me. If we see life as a gaming computer, is it really true that there’s only one app installed?


The apps in actual reality

What defines an app? It provides a special and somewhat unique experience. It feels like a little world of its own where you can explore, upgrade and accomplish certain tasks. Something along those lines, right?

For sure there are countless apps installed in actual reality!

I’ve tried out The straight edge kid, The poker pro, The beloved son-in-law, The artist… just to name a few. When I take a decent look around I get the feeling that there’s an infinite number of apps installed and people are actually trying them out!

Sometimes it happens though, that people stick with one app. Maybe because they like it a lot or because they’re tired trying out new ones. Maybe that’s when the feeling arises that there’s »only one app installed.«


Life is play

Every empowerment teaching or coaching supports you finding the app that you like the most and enabling you to try it out. In Applied Spirituality for bullshit-free living I call these apps »roles«. The chapter on Radical Honesty describes how these roles play out, how to see through them and how to go beyond.

What do I mean by »go beyond«?

All apps are transient. They have no inherent reality to them. Of course not – they are apps! It’s the same with the roles you play in life. Exactly the same. They can provide absolutely wonderful experiences but you can also end up addicted to World of Warcraft playing a few years straight not noticing that your life is going downhill.


Who’s the player?

Jim Carrey said:

»I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.«

Jim advocates for full involvement with all the apps that you dream of. I agree. That will inevitably take you to a point where you question who the hell this person is, that wants all that. Who’s the player? Who are you?

That’s where the real journey begins. Find out more:

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